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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee makes decisions on planning and related applications and is made up of elected councillors of Chorley Council. 

View details of the Planning Committee including its members. 

The Planning Committee meet approximately every 4 weeks.  

View past and future Planning Committee meetings

Please note, the Planning Committee used to be called the Development Control Committee. If you wish to view details of meetings prior to 24 July 2019 you will need to look at details for the Development Control Committee

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings.

The Planning Committee generally deals with large, complex or controversial applications. 

Householder applications are not dealt with by the Planning Committee. 


Speaking at Planning Committee 

The public may attend Planning Committee meetings to speak either for or against development proposals. 

Any member of the public including the applicant and agent who wishes to speak at the meeting will need to inform us by e-mail to or by calling 01257 515151. 

The deadline for registering to speak will usually be 12 noon on a Monday prior to the committee meeting to be held on the following Tuesday evening at 6.30pm.

The right to speak does not replace other arrangements for commenting on planning applications. Objectors and supporters should still write to us in the usual way. The right to speak only applies to applications which are being determined by Planning Committee. There is no right to speak when we make planning decisions under delegated powers.

About 1 week before the Planning Committee meeting, we will inform anyone with the right to make a request to speak of their opportunity to do so. We will also explain the procedures if more than 1 person has requested to speak on an application.

Meetings are held in the council chamber in Chorley Town Hall at 6.30pm.

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