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The Mayor

Mayor of Chorley

The Mayor of Chorley is Councillor Gordon France

Mayor's role

Being Mayor of Chorley is a prestigious role. Here you can find out what the Mayor does and how the borough's first citizen is chosen.

Mayor's robe and chains

The Mayoral robe and chains are always associated with the towns first citizen, but most people do not know the origins of the formal attire.

Former Mayors

The list of former Mayors goes back to the 19th century. You can read the roll of honour to find out who was Mayor when you were born.

Civic maces

The mace was originally a weapon of war and is without doubt the most primitive of all weapons produced by man. Today's mace is a highly ornamental descendant. It is no longer seen as a weapon but a symbol of authority. Chorley has 2 maces.

Coat of arms

Information on the coat of arms for Chorley.

Invite the Mayor to an event

Invite the Mayor to an event

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