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Building regulation fees and charges

Our fees

Our fees are available on request. Please email us at or call us on 01257 515162 and we will be happy to assist.

Commercial fees are calculated separately.

How to pay

We will invoice you for further inspections we undertake. You can pay an invoice online or alternatively you can make a payment by calling us on 01257 515162.

Pay a building regulation invoice

What the fees and charges cover


When fee must be paid
Plan feeThis is paid after you have completed a full plans application, and covers our costs in administering the application and checking your plans and specifications.
Inspection feeThis is payable after the first inspection has been made on a full plans application. The cost covers visiting the site, inspecting the work and issuing a completion certificate.

Building notice fee

This is payable when the building notice is given to us. This charge covers site inspections and any design checking.
Already started work (regularisation) fee

This must be paid when you have completed a regularisation application for unauthorised work. The charge covers all administration, site checks and inspections.

Fees are not payable when work is carried out to buildings which have specific facilities added to support disabled people.



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